Tank Inspection in Green Bay

Every company has a tank. It could be a large storage tank down to a small air compressor. Large or small these tanks need to be NDE inspected.

Today in industry, there is a considerable amount of concern from insurance companies, OSHA, EPA, and state organizations to inspect all types of tanks, whether they are oil storage, water storage, chemical, etc. Many of these tanks are very old and have not been inspected in many years. In all industries, corrosion, cracking and brittle fractures are problems.

The American Petroleum Institute has adapted the API-653 “Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction” standard for these purposes. This standard dictates the types of inspection for each category of tanks, as well as their inspection frequency.

The following is a list of services we routinely perform on a typical tank inspection in Green Bay. Following this list are some extra or specialized services we can also perform at your request.

Tank Inspection Services in Green Bay

  • Visual inspection of the external and/or internal surface of the tank
  • Take wall thickness readings of the tank shell and heads
  • Magnetic particle inspection of the T-Joint weldments
  • Magnetic particle inspection of the bottom circumferential weldment
  • Visible penetrant inspection on the tank if it is made of stainless steel
  • Magnetic particle or visible penetrant inspection of all penetrations (such as nozzles and piping)
  • Perform calculations of the minimum acceptable wall thickness

Other Services:

  • Install VIP plugs in the tank, if it is insulated
  • Ultrasonic inspection of the weldments

We can perform a complete survey of all your tanks and pressure vessels, including name, type, location, what it contains, equipment/serial numbers, manufacturer’s data, etc.

TPS Can Help You With:

  • Detecting Existing Problems

  • Minimizing Risk of Potential Problems

  • Insurance Costs

  • Saving Time and Money

  • Providing a Safe Working Environment

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