Inspection Management Services in Green Bay

Today, in the field of high production and technology, items are manufactured quickly. A client orders a particular product and insists on immediate delivery. Whether the item is a bolt, a welding machine, or a paper mill digester, it has to be built in accordance with a particular federal code or state specification. Many times an individual client will have certain specifications of the item. Contact TPS Consulting Engineers, Ltd. in Green Bay for more information today!

Inspection Management in Green Bay WI

Because these items have to be inspected previous to the time of shipping, to make sure they are in accordance with the applicable specifications, vendor surveillance is required to be performed by the client or by TPS. TPS in turn determines whether the item meets the specifications.

If a client seeks a component to be fabricated or cast, and if the particular has to be pressure vessel quality, then inspection is very critical to the final product. If in-house personnel are capable of determining which code or specification an item falls under, then these individuals should be in charge of the project. If, on the other hand, no one in the organization is capable of performing the inspection in accordance either the various codes, then TPS should be hired.

TPS, previous to the time of bidding the item, will review the specifications to determine what code or specification the item will come under. If welding is involved, TPS will determine what weld symbols should be on the blueprints, and what non-destructive test methods are required, and generally what material is required. If welding is required, TPS’s AWS Certified Weld Inspector should be consulted.

When the total package is put together and the product is delivered, it will show that the item meets the designer specifications, federal and state code, and specifications.

TPS Consulting Engineers can handle all these needs. We can review the specifications, determine which codes are required, write the welding procedures if necessary, serve as Level III for the client to determine that all nondestructive testing is performed properly, serve as an AWS Certified Weld Inspector, and determine that the product meets the client's requirements.

TPS Can Help You With:

  • Detecting Existing Problems

  • Minimizing Risk of Potential Problems

  • Insurance Costs

  • Saving Time and Money

  • Providing a Safe Working Environment

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