Paper Machine Dryer Inspection in Green Bay

One of our main areas of expertise is the inspection of paper machine dryer cans. Over the years, we have inspected thousands of dryer cans. All of this work has been done throughout the United States. During the past ten years, we have served on the TAPPI Committee, which formulated the TIS-0402-16 document, “Guidelines for the Inspection of Paper Machine Dryers.” This document along with insurance company requirements states that all dryers be inspected every 5 years. TPS Consulting Engineers, Ltd. in Green Bay uses the latest test equipment to ensure accuracy.

Machine Dryer Services in Green Bay

The following is a list of services we routinely perform on a typical dryer shutdown. Following this list are some extra or specialized services we also perform at your request.

  • Clean the dryer heads of all grease and oil
  • Perform internal visual inspection - dryer heads and shell
  • Magnetic particle inspect front and rear heads - internal and external
  • Magnetic particle inspect the head to shell joint, and the first 18” of the shell - internal
  • Ultrasonic test the front and rear head bolts - 100% if accessible
  • Wall thickness readings on the front and rear heads
  • Wall thickness readings on the dryer shell every 1’ across the face of the shell
  • Calculate the minimum shell wall thickness for the current operating pressure for each dryer can


  • Remove and replace manhole/handhole covers
  • Fluorescent magnetic particle inspect the dryer shells
  • Hydrostatically test the dryer cans
  • Metallurgical test dryers for material classification
  • Assist in upgrading/rerating dryers
  • Perform pi tape measurements on the dryer shell
  • Perform visual inspection with a video probe with a wide-angle and close-up lens of the internal, if no entry is possible (handholes). Video can be recorded.
  • Obtain manufacturers data reports from the National Board
  • Perform head tilt measurements

If you have any paper machine dryers coming up for inspection, give us a call and let us discuss our dryer inspection program with you.

TPS Can Help You With:

  • Detecting Existing Problems

  • Minimizing Risk of Potential Problems

  • Insurance Costs

  • Saving Time and Money

  • Providing a Safe Working Environment

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