Pole and Traffic Light Inspections in Green Bay

Stadium/Campus Lighting - Traffic Lighting - Street Lighting - Parking Lot & Area Lighting

Non-destructive testing in Green Bay of steel and aluminum poles. These preventative measures allow for failure analysis thereby avoiding damage to property and risk of injury - you can fix or replace problem poles before they become a liability - saving you time and money. Poles are inspected from top to bottom:

  • Pole Base: structural integrity of base, base thickness, cracking of welds, cover attachments.
  • Pole Shaft & Bracket Arms: rust, corrosion, dents, holes. Environmental corrosion, as the water gets in or under crevices, or simply people running into poles leaving them structurally unsound.
  • Anchor Bolts & Bolts: cracked, loose, or corroded. Failure of any one bolt can cause higher stress in the other bolts leading to failure of the pole.

Whether you have one or a hundred plus poles contact Matthew Sprader at (920) 609-4602 to find out which of our four package deals will work for you!

TPS Can Help You With:

  • Detecting Existing Problems

  • Minimizing Risk of Potential Problems

  • Insurance Costs

  • Saving Time and Money

  • Providing a Safe Working Environment

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